Thursday, February 26, 2009


I guess I should begin by telling you a bit about myself. I am 23 year old and proud to be an Aussie. I love Australia and am looking forward to one day raising a family with my partner of over four years, Alex. He is the love of my life and is my biggest support emotionally and physically. Unfortunately, I suffered a severe whiplash injury when Alex and I were in a car accident over a year ago and I've needed a lot of help in every day life ever since. Our lives have been pretty much turned up side down since the accident and we've had to make a lot of changes and sacrifices. To look at me, I appear physically fine but the pain I suffer everyday is pretty bad and a lot of the mobility in my back, neck, and bending have decreased. It has been pretty hard to adjust for both of us as I haven't been able to drive and I even had to quit my job due to the pain.

I am a big believer in that things happen for reasons and, I've noticed since the accident, that I have had callings in different directions that I would never have considered before. A few months after the accident, sitting at home and not being able to do much, I had the urge to start sewing.....dolls of all things! I had never ever considered this before and told my partner who, I think, thought I was going a little crazy with cabin fever at the time. As the months went by the pull kept getting stronger and I was even dreaming of making dolls. I told my mum about my dreams and, though she was shocked because she knows I have never sewn a day in my life, she was very excited because she knew this was a new calling for me. I have been sewing pretty much ever since and have had the best support from my partner and family who I owe a lot to. I have had a few delays in getting to this point due to a rough year but I'm putting that behind me and am very excited about the future. I am also hoping to sell some paintings and other little crafts that I make, so watch this space...

Alex and I at Alma Park Zoo 2009


Serena said...

Hi darling girl...your blog looks AWESOME!!! I'm so proud of you! I hope you enjoy Blogland as much as I do.

Mum xo

Bradley said...

Hi Michelle,

I LOVE your blog! It is really so cool! I'm looking forward to reading more posts from you! I hope you enjoy posting on your blog!

Love Brad!

Dia said...

Oh, I want to see some of your dolls!!! I used to draw paper dolls, & even had a few published! I love making dolls - do everything 'artsy' in fits & spurts, so haven't made any for awhile! I posted my 'blessing star' & a Christmas 'Nisse' over at 'Vestella's Vale' - Dec 08 posts :)

Welcome to the world of blogging - & many blessings on continuing to get better!