Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hi everyone! Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend :)

I couldn't think of anything to post for this weeks photo. I have had a lot of other stuff on my mind lately. In the end I decided to take some pics of the art around my house to show you. You can probably see from the pics that my favourite colour combo is Aqua, dark brown and orange, he! he!

These are some Chinese symbols I painted for myself years ago. The top one reads harmony, the second love and the third prosperity

Mum painted the matching clock for me and the painting of the flowers

Mum also painted me this butterfly painting for my birthday a couple of years ago

Alex's Dad gave us these photos he took. He is a very talented photographer

Another one from Mum that sits in my art room to keep me motivated. The tags on the wall are from my lovely little brother Aaron (he is becoming quite the artist himself), and the rag doll is one of my very firsts
I'm sure you can tell that I thoroughly enjoy having such a talented artist for a Mum :)


Serena said...

WOW....I'd forgotten you had that many pieces from me....I'm glad you like them and, now that you're back into painting, you can add more pieces of your own too. I love how you have everything displayed! Chat to you soon.

Mum xo

Serena said...

I meant to add that I LOVE your new blog banner!!!

James Oh said...

I love your Chinese calligraphy which was well written and meaningful. I wonder whether you acquire the skill from.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you

Julie said...

Thank you for your kind words and for visiting me! Your beautiful creations are so inspiring! ; )

Shashi Nayagam said...

You sure are a very talented family. It must be lovely to have a mum who shares the same passion in art as you.

Jennifer Rose said...

the art looks wonderful on your walls :D

I really like your new blog banner, its nicely done :)

Genie Sea said...

What an incredibly talented family you are! :) Love the orange and aqua colors together :)

Linda Fleming said...

You are indeed lucky to have such a talented mother! In addition to being a sweet, kind, and wise woman. And it appears that she passed all thise qualities down to you.

Michelle Eaton said...

Mum - Thanks, I love my new banner too. I might eventually add some pieces of my own but not untill we move.

James - Thanks for your lovely comment. It was pretty easy to do, I just traced the words I wanted onto the canvases and then just blocked them in with acrylic paint.

Sashi - I do love it that Mum and I both love art and painting. It comes in very handy when I need tips and advice.

Jennifer - Thanks, I really like my new banner too :)

Genie - Thanks, I love, love, love Aqua and orange together :)

Linda - Thankyou for your lovely words. I am lucky to have my mum :)

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Thank you for visiting my blog♥ I love your home and it's great to see your artwork! I popped over to your mother's blog too, she is very talented! Talented family for sure!!

Bradley said...

Hi Michelle,

First of all, I just want to say that I LOVE your new blog look! It is so good! We had a great weekend here!

I love all the art that hangs around your house painted by you and Mum! I look forward to seeing more of your art!

Keep up the good work!

Love Brad!

julie king said...

i think you've inherited a lot of your mom's talent!! your dolls are precious!!

Altered Posh said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog! Your work is absolutely beautiful! Love the color and your style is adorable...how wonderful to have such talent around you within your family! And, your blog looks great!-Take care, and keep creating...inspiration in all around you!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Ok, now I know that the wonderful Serena is your Mom. How nice to have a Mom that is artistic too. :)
Love all the pictures she painted for you. I am happy that you like Bright colors too. :)
I love the orange and aqua. Very nice.
Can't wait to see your new piece all done.


BumbleVee said...

awwww..isn't it great to have family members that are also artsy... I think perhaps each of you can better appreciate any creative endeavours when you know what goes into the doing of them....

Leah said...

How fun to see the art around your home!!

Sandy said...

Loved seeing the photos and the artwork. Your mom is incredibly talented, I'm in awe...and your choice of colors, gosh they look good together...love the zen symbols too. and Aaron, well another artist in the family doesn't surprise me, lucky you and your family...

My dad was a painter but I don't have much here, which I wish I did, as he died in 2001...

my mom, I doubt she could draw a box, ha.

Anonymous said...

My goodness I am so far behind here on your blog!! You sure are a very talented mother and daughter and so lucky to have inspiration from each other, love all the art!!