Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hi all,

Sorry that I have been absent from my blog, but we lost our Internet connection about mid last week due to something breaking in the line. The phone company has fixed it now (finally) and hopefully nothing else will go wrong.

I am so exhausted with everything that has been going on lately. This has to be the busiest most complicated move I have ever experienced. I thought I would be back on track with everything by now, but obviously that is not the case. Maybe this week will be different and I will finally get a break.


Anyway, I am here to start catching up with the Artists way journey that I started just before the move. I am a bit behind now, but I will still continue as I think I still have much to learn from this book. I also plan on getting around to all of the group members blogs this week to see how everyone is doing.

Week 3 was all about recovering a sense of power. With all that has been going on around me it seemed like this chapter was meant for me.

1. How many days this week did you do your morning pages? How was the experience for you?

I have only just started to do my morning pages again since the move. I have done the past three mornings and plan to continue.

I missed doing them though. It was weird because although I didn't actually write in my journal because I was so busy I would often find myself thinking about doing them and start mentally jotting down my thoughts just to get them out of my head. It kind of helped me relax and de-stress.

2. Did you do your artist date this week? If so what did you do?

No date sorry :(

3. Did you experience any synchronicity this week? What was it?

Not that I can recall

4. Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant for your recovery?

I am learning to stop my self criticism and replace it with something nice instead. I feel much happier about myself and my art by doing this.

An Exercise (just a few of my answers) -

1. My favourite childhood toy was... these little plastic farm animals that me and my brothers would play with for hours on end.

2. My favourite childhood game was... hands down.

3. The best movie I ever saw as a kid was... The little Mermaid.

4. I don't do it much but I enjoy... playing tennis.

5. If I could lighten up a little, I'd let myself... do Karaoke.

6. If it weren't too late, I'd... pay more attention in class.

7. My favourite musical instrument is... a guitar.

8. If I weren't so stingy with my artist, I'd buy her... a big painting easel.

9. My favourite way to dress is... in flowing dresses.


Now I'm off to start chapter four :)


Shashi Nayagam said...

Hope life settles into a more smoother rhythm for you soon.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Glad to see you're getting back to the Artist's Way! I enjoy reading your mother's posts on this too and wish I had time to join you! It's so intriguing and I want to try this book!
Thanks for the visit Michelle!! I appreciate your kind comment!

Annette Q said...

Glad to see you posting again!
I hope your situation eases up so you can settle and relax in your new home soon.
Ps. Loved reading more about you in the exercise at the end :-)

Campbell Jane said...

Moving is a stressful time. I hope your new home will soon start reaping wonderful memories!

Serena said...

Great to see you getting back into The Artist's Way, Shell! I remember you and your brothers playing with those plastic farm animals....you would play for hours together! :)

Autumn said...

Moving is so stressful--even a really easy move! Relax and know that your creativity is being refreshed and will surprise you when you're ready to paint again. :-)