Friday, July 31, 2009


Boy oh boy, where do the weeks ago. I can't believe it is the end of July all ready. I have been pretty bad this week in getting motivated to do some art, actually I have been pretty bad the last couple of weeks. I just keep putting it off and being lazy instead. I keep thinking about stuff that I want to do in the future, and I let it distract me from concentrating on the here and now. I know I am doing this but I find it hard to pull myself back sometimes. I think I might go somewhere nice this weekend to distract my crazy mind. Hopefully next week will be a better one.

I have managed to do a little bit of art in between my laziness though, but not as much as I could be getting done or want to be getting done.

I have been preparing new canvases to start painting, and sketching some ideas for bookmarks that I want to make

I also managed to paint two canvases too, though I was just experimenting with backgrounds



My Mum, Serena Lewis has been redecorating her bedroom at the moment and got me in the mood to do a little myself. I felt like bringing a bit more colour to my bedroom, so I took advantage of the end of financial year sales and bought a few more bed linens and cushions to brighten it up a bit. It's not a huge change, but it's big enough to make me happier with it.

My bed before

and my bed after

I really like the colours orange, aqua and chocolate together. Most of my house is decorated in these colours.



I have also been dealing with a pretty inflamed wisdom tooth that has been annoying me for about a year now, and I have had enough of it. I had to get x-rays done yesterday to see whether the tooth was too close to the nerve in the gums or not. Luckily it's not to bad and they can take it out without to much of a risk. Though it is still attached to the bone so I will need to get some of that removed to, eep!! I am not the biggest fan of going to the dentist, but I guess it has to get done before the problem gets worse. I also got my very first filling done while I was in there which wasn't a pleasant experience. That needle almost gave me a heart attack! My jaw is so sore today and I still need to go back to get one more filled :(



Anna Rosa Designs said...

Oh Michelle,
No wonder you can't get motivated while you have a sore mouth, although, your two new canvas's and change in your bedroom look great.
Have a great, relaxing weekend.

Jennifer Rose said...

not a huge change yes, but its a very effective one. the colours look great together :)

good luck with your wisdom teeth. I had 4 taken out at the same time which wasn't very fun :/ if you can get knocked out do that, makes things a lot easier. I had a few complications when mine were taken but generally its a straight forward thing. I hate dentists, its not the needles it the drill that bugs me

Micki said...

Such pretty paintings.

I too have had annoying wisdom teeth pains on and off for a year or so, i've never had a filling either, so the thought of getting a tooth pulled scares the life out of me, good luck with yours.

Micki x

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh you got quite a lot done even after being lazy! If that is being lazy I wonder what it would be like when you are not lol! Sorry to hear about your tooth problems and hope they get sorted out soon.

The Peanut Butter Bandit said...

I love those bookmarks, can't wait to see them come to life.

That bedding is gorgeous. I'm thinking of re-doing mine myself in a similar color scheme. Looks very relaxing.

Thanks for the well wishes on my MIL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, this is great that you are having this wisdom tooth out now at 24 years old. Your jaw is still soft and will heal fast. All the best and will be thinking of you.

Serena said...

My poor baby girl....I know you've been suffering with that tooth for awhile now. As you know, I hate going to the dentist which is why I've been putting up with my wisdom tooth for something like 8 years does seem to have settled down a lot in recent years though so I can't complain too much.

Love the new bed's nice to have a change. No matter how small, I think it can feel like a breath of fresh air.

Your creative juices are still flowing well.....can't wait to see the new bookmarks that you're working on. The canvasses turned out great too ~ :)

I hope your jaw feels much better today.

Mum xo

Carla said...

I should be so lazy. Great paintings as usual. Daughter in Oklahoma saw what I won from you and just loved it. I have a feeling it is going to come up missing from the fridge when she gets here.

Sandy said...

Your style is definitely in your "genes" . I love you and your mum's art....and wow, you both love turquoise. The colors are great together.

Nicola said...

Hi Michelle I just discovered your blog through your mum's. What a talented family you are, I just love your work too and have become a follower!!!

Anonymous said...

great pieces ur working on...and ur room is looking vibrant :)

Sorry to hear abt ur wisdom tooth and teeth probs in general...i, too, am not a fan of the dentist but I got similar cases happening as well :(

Michelle Eaton said...

Thanks Anna

Thanks Jennifer, you poor thing. I heard it really hurts and for a few days after aswell. So far it's only the one that needs out. I will probabley just get it numbed rather then get nocked out to save on the cost. I also hate the drill, especially when it touches the other teeth :{

Thanks Micki, I am prettty freak out myself. Not looking forward to it.

Thanks Shashi, I should have gotten a lot more done.

Thanks Peanut Butter, I can't wait to get started on the bookmarks.
I love the colours of my room, especially the aqua. I find it very relaxing, and I love a change.

I never thought of that Julie-ann. Hopefully I will heal a bit faster and it won't be as bad as what I have heard from older women. You have eased my nerves a bit :)

Thanks Mum, my jaw is feeling a lot better.

Thanks Carla, I am so happy to hear that they are liked. It's always nice to get good compliments like that :)

Thanks Sandy, yeah me and mum can have very similar tastes.

Hi Nicola, thanks for following. I am so happy that you like my art. Thanks for the lovely comment :)

Thanks Madhuri :)

JudiA said...

I find that sometimes it's good to be "lazy" and let my muse rest. I always come back to creating with new energy and spirit. I am SO sorry about your teeth - good luck with the dentist.

Anonymous said...

I love the color combination, I see you used it in the sweet little "Hope" piece you created too!