Monday, August 3, 2009


Happy Monday everyone!

I have a couple of photos I took while Alex and I were at Red Cliff on Sunday. We both felt like getting out and getting some fresh air for a while. It was beautiful weather and we had a lovely lunch at a local restaurant (mmmm, beer battered chips).

This is a little pier that you can walk out on

Some seagulls and an Ibis

The other side of the pier where some boats where tied against the wave breaker

We also finally went and saw Harry Potter which I thought was ok. They left a lot of the book out and I think if I hadn't read the book before I would have been pretty confused. I definitely like the books a whole lot better then the movies.

Hope you all have a great week :)


Jennifer Rose said...

isn't it supposed to be winter there? lol could never tell from looking at the gorgeous photos :)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Michelle,
You are soo lucky to have such nice weather.
It's cold and windy down here in Melbourne.
Oh, I can see some paintings in the making with those gorgeous photo's of the pier.

Serena said...

Beautiful pics, Shell! LOVE the sea colours against that clear, blue sky. I wish we had been able to go too ~ :)

HElen said...

Wonderful photos! Lovely views!

Love your new work!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Michelle,

I am back and trying to catch up with everyone's postings. Love your photos especially the one of the sea. I also love the way you decorated your room and painted the two canvases. Lovely as usual. :)
Hope your wisdom tooth has been taken out. I had mine taken out years ago because they started to bother me.


Sandy said...

Looks like you had a nice day. I only saw the first two Harry Potter movies but just the other night I watched a program on TV, I think it is a series, called Legend of the Seeker. I actually liked it, which is odd because I rarely watch TV.

Annette Q said...

Gorgeous photos and more breathtaking views- you seem to be surrounded by such beauty! Hope your feeling better too:-)

Michelle Eaton said...

Jennifer - LOL, yeah we have pretty mild winters in Queensland. The wind gets icy and the temp drops, but it still looks nice outside.

Anna Rosa - It was a lovely day. I still wore a jacket, but the sun is always shinning. I hear Melbourne gets pretty cold and windy.

Thanks Mum, the weather was lovely. Wish you all could have come too.

Thanks Helen :)

Great to have you back Norma. I haven't got it out just yet. Still getting up the courage to book an appointment :)

Sandy - I haven't heard of that series. Is it to do with the game from Harry Potter?

Thanks Annette, there are some really pretty places around. The Aussie sun always seems to make everything sparkle aswell, which I love.