Friday, March 27, 2009


OMG! I have just had the best art therapy ever. I would just like to thank my lovely Mum for introducing me to Kelly Rae Roberts. What an inspiration! I have just read her book Taking Flight and I absolutely loved it. She has inspired me to venture out of my comfort zone and try something else. I have always loved painting but have never been able to find an area that I am happy and comfortable with. Recently my mum started doing some mixed media collage paintings and it caught my eye. I haven't really seen much of this type of artwork before but something about it interested me so Mum loaned me her book (Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts) and encouraged me to give it a go. I have already ordered a copy for myself I loved it that much.
I have been pretty upset and down in the dumps since getting some bad news yesterday but Mum said it's the perfect time to give this type of artwork a go as it will take my mind off of everything and help me release some stress. After a little bit of hesitation I did it. I decided to start a piece using the book for inspiration. I had heaps of fun doing it and can't wait to finish my piece. I just need to get a few supplies tomorrow at the shops before I can continue. I have added a few photos below of my artwork in progress. I hope you like it.

The Background

Adding a few details

Trying to get and idea of where to place things

This book wasn't far from my side


Bradley said...

Hi Michelle,

I just read your latest blog post! I'm so happy that you're finding the mixed media art fun to do, I really love how your art piece is coming along! I really wish I could do the kind of stuff you and Mum do!

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the finished product!

Love Brad!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

I love your your Painting of the branches. I LLLOOOUUUEEE THE BLOG!

But most of all i miss you and i cant wait to see you and Alex.

Bye sis,

From Aaron love you xo

Serena said...

I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying the book, Shell. I knew you would. Kelly Rae is such a wonderful inspiration.

I'm lovin' your art progress! I can hardly wait to see it finished.

Mum xo

Michelle Eaton said...

Thanks guys for such wonderful comments. I can't wait to see the finished product either. I am planing on doing a lot more of this art in the future.

Luv Shell xx