Monday, March 16, 2009


It was my Birthday this Saturday just past and although I didn't do much on the actual day because of the rainy weather, my Mum took us out to a lovely lunch at a restaurant on the Sunday. We decided to try out the new Indian restaurant in town and we all agree that it was the perfect choice. We all had a lovely time and the food was delicious. Although my younger brother Reece and his girlfriend Sarina couldn't be there for lunch we met them back at Mum's house later in the day to have yummy pavlova (my favourite). It was a great birthday!

Mum and Aaron



Alex and I

Digging in


Serena said...

Hi Shell,

Your pics turned out great! I'm glad you had a lovely time out with us for your birthday and yes, the food was delicious!!!

Mum xo

Maria said...

Hi Michelle, I'm a blogging friend of your mum's ... dropping in to say hi & welcome you to blogging! Your blog looks great & your dolls are FANTASTIC! Love their faces & the bright, cheery colours:) Hope you had a great birthday! cheers, Maria