Friday, April 3, 2009


I have been busy mainly drawing in my sketchbook this week. I have been trying to come up with something of my own that I can use as a subject in my mixed media paintings. I did come up with a human figure that I think is unique and interesting. I wanted a character that I would be able to portray emotions through. I am sure as I go along in my art I will progress and hopefully get better. I decided to try out my new character today outside of my sketchbook, so I set up my painting desk and have been at it most of the day. I haven't quite finished yet but I thought I would share some of my progress so far and maybe even get some advise.


Serena said...

Hi Shell,

I can't remember if I've already know my dizzy brain! lol I might be getting confused with the reply comment I did to your comment on my own blog.

Anyhow, I think she's looking great! LOVE that flower in her hand. I think this one will look fantastic when finished. I talked to you on the phone re. suggestions. I can't wait to see you next stage ~ :)

Mum xo

messyfish said...

wonderful wonderfu lwonderful, you have been blessed with talent! thanks for sharing it with us, its so nice to see others work for inspiration!