Friday, August 28, 2009


Just wanted to pop on a show you these magnets that I have just painted. They are done on a 4"x4" flat canvas.

I also wanted to let you know that Alex and I got the house we applied for which I am really, really happy about. It is a lovely little town house, it is so much closer to my family, and did I mention I also get my very own art room all to myself!!! I can't wait to move into it! I guess I will be packing all next week as we move in next weekend. I can't believe it has all happened so quickly. So if I appear to be a bit absent from my blog next week, you know where I'll be :)


Serena said...

The magnets are so cute!!

Congratulations on getting the townhouse you and Alex wanted. I'm looking forward to helping you both with the move next weekend and I am SO excited that you will be living so much closer to us....YAY!

Mum xo

Vicki Holdwick said...

Love the magnets - so cute!

How exciting to be moving and to have a room all to yourself for art!


Jennifer Rose said...

glad your guys got the house, having an art room to yourself can make a huge difference :)

your magnets look good. nice colours and would look great on a fridge :)

el reino encantado de Casiopea said...

Ohhh, I love this little yellow bird!

Anonymous said...

These are just the cutest magnets and big congrats on the house!!

WingingIt said...

congrads on the house darling...loving the sweet magnets!!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Cute magnets and congrats on the new home! How exciting!!!!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Michelle,

Let me start off congratulating both of you for getting your new home! I am very happy for you. :)
The little magnets are very cute. Love them. :)


MaryO said...

Congratulations to the new homeowners! That's a very exciting time.
Love your magnets! Very bright and colorful!

Autumn said...

Hello, Michelle! Thank you for your sweet post on my blog! And your work is so lovely! Congrats on your house and, especially, on your own studio space. :-)

Michelle Eaton said...

Thanks for all of your well wishes everyone. I am so excited!

Unfortunately, it is only a rental though. We are not buying just yet :(

Sonny said...

Your magnets are adorable and amazing!!! Wish you were close to give me some art lessons!! :)

And congrats on your home!!!! woo hoo!

My Painted Things....and more said...

Congrats on the move, that is always exciting:) and your own art room!! That is awesome. I love your little cute!!

Evangelina Prieto said...

You have a beautiful site and a wonderful works, you are very creative.
(sorry for my bad English)

HElen said...

Your magnets are so adorable! Very nice!
And congratulations on moving closer to your family, it is really good!

Linda Fleming said...

Your magnets are just too darling!
And how wonderful that you're moving closer to your mom and brothers. What fun you and Serena will have creating together.

Bradley said...

Hi Michelle,

I love the magnets you've posted on your blog! I love all three of them, but I think my favourite is the one with the two birds sitting on the tree branch!

Love Brad!

Fluffels said...

Congratulations on the house! Cute magnets!