Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi everyone, I hope you all had wonderful weekends.

I had a great weekend. Although it's suppose to be winter here in Queensland, the weather has been beautifully warm and sunny. Alex and I had a wonderful picnic in the park on Saturday. It was so nice to get out doors and relax. We had yummy food, read books and even had a couple of games of out door pin pong together.

Then on Sunday we felt like getting outdoors again. We invited my Mum and Brothers along to go on a bush walk with us. It was so much fun and for lunch we all headed back to our place and got fish and chips for lunch, yummo!

Can you tell I'm enjoying being healthy again? I have had about 8 treatments of acupuncture now and I am feeling so good! I still have the slightest pain in my back, but it is ignorable and is nothing compared to the pain I have been living with for the past 2 years. It feels like I have my life back again and I am so thrilled! I have so much more energy and just want to get out and make up for lost time.

Any who, here are some pics from our bush walk on Sunday.

This is a tree that has been taken over by a strangler vine

This is Aaron, Beau and Alex. We all found walking sticks along the way

This is Mum, me and Brad being silly with our walking sticks

A view from the lookout we stopped at on our way home

I actually lost my camera in the parking lot when getting in the car to leave after our bush walk. Luckily we only went a few seconds away to another spot when I realised it was missing. Alex and I quickly drove back praying that it would be in the car park still. A nice couple who had actually been there when we left picked it up and were still there when we got back. They were so lovely and so happy that we came back to get it. I was so relieved! I should put a contact number in the camera case just in case this happens again.


Elise said...

Hello, what a lovely blog you have here. Heavenly header too ! I've so enjoyed reading your posts and looking through your pictures - you are so very talented.

Thank you so much and best wishes

Linda Fleming said...

I think it's wonderful how close your family is and the good times you have together.

And what great luck that a nice couple found your camera and held it for you.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

So happy that you had a lovely weekend with your family. Lovely picture of all of you having fun with the walking sticks. :)
So happy to hear you are feeling healthier and your pain has subsided. :)
I love that photo of the tree too. It must be really old, it is huge!

Hugs and have a fun filled week.

Jennifer Rose said...

love the pics of all of you, close knit family :)
glad the acupuncture is working :D

HElen said...

So happy that you all had a wonderful time! It is so nice to spend the time with the family and have fun :)
Lovely pictures!

Serena said...

we had a lovely day with you and alex! your pics turned out lovely too. i am late getting my photos up this week ~ :(

what a relief it was that you found your camera. :)

Anonymous said...

The last photo is gorgeous! I am glad you found your camera and that proves there are still good folks out there!! What a great day for your family!