Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It is getting so close to Christmas now!

I am excited about spending time with the family, but Christmas can be such a hard job. I hate trying to juggle all sets of families at the one time, especially when they don't live anywhere near each other. Then there is also the separated parents who you have to go to individually. It is tough trying not to hurt any ones feelings. I think when Alex and I start our own little family we will just be having Christmas at our own home and who ever wants to see us can come to us, lol. I am sure many of you can relate though.

I put up the few decorations that Alex and I have collected over the years last night. We don't have much, but again, once we have a family it will be a bit better. These are not the best photos due to poor lighting.

This is my table center piece

I have always loved this little snowman

This is our little Christmas tree

This is our lounge with the Christmas tree set up

I hope everyone is happy and safe over this Christmas period. Have a great week :)


The Peanut Butter Bandit said...

Lovey Decorations. You will collect more as time goes by. I know I try to get 1 new thing or make 1 new thing each year. Thank for sharing

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

So cute Michelle! Love that little snowman too! Christmas can be hard when trying to be everywhere to share in everyone's holiday. You just have to do the best you can and try not to stress about it too much and enjoy the 'reason for the season'
Christmas blessings to you!

Jennifer Rose said...

aww that little snowman is so cute :D

Linda Fleming said...

It is hard to try to fit everyone into the holiday visits. I hated it and made a point of telling my kids once they moved out to never feel pressured or obligated to make themselves miserable over the holidays doing things they really didn't want to do. They chose to spend their holidays at home with their own kids and visited family the weekends before and after Christmas. And that was fine with me.

Your home is looking quite festive with your darling holiday decorations.

BumbleVee said...

Well, that's exactly it ... we can never make everybody happy...nor should we even try.... but, you will learn that much later in life.... lol... not to worry.....

I wish there were some law about once people leave home they just go about their own business and make their own lives, memories and traditions.... it would work so much better..

The worst part over here, is families trying to get together over holidays even when the roads are treacherous...injuries and deaths happen all the time...it is soooo senseless and such a tragic thing.. all because somebody will feel slighted if their kids don't show up.... I don't get it.... ....

I love your little string of bells on the stairway...

Shashi Nayagam said...

Your decorations are so adorable!!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Michelle,
Oh, I totally understand where you are coming from.
We have also had to struggle for years about where to spend Christmas morning, lunch and dinner.
Ah, long story, I intend to spend
next Christmas with my Mum (she lives seven hours car drive away)
I haven't had Christmas with her for twelve years now.
Funny, this Christmas isn't even here and I'm already thinking about next Christmas.

I wonder what your new fiancee will make or buy for you?

Michelle Eaton said...

Thanks everyone. I guess it doesn't help the situation that I am selfish and just wish I could spend every christmas with my own family, lol. Now I have another family to think of though.

HElen said...

All the decorations look very nice! and everything looks so festive! you did a good job!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Your Christmas decorations look great! Love that Santa centerpiece.

Serena said...

I feel like Linda....I would hate for you and Alex to stress over fitting in the families over the Christmas period. I'll go along with whatever you want, Shell...I'm happy if you're happy ~ (((Hugs)))

Mum xo

Serena said...

I adore that little Christmas tree, Shell...great ornaments! Do the pressies beside the tree light up inside or is it just the camera flash? I don't recall seeing the snowman before but, I agree, he is sooooo cute! I LOVE snowmen!

I agree with Vee, nobody should feel pressured to be anywhere at Christmas time just to keep families happy. It's just not worth the stress.