Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Alex and I had a very busy weekend just gone by. We were up on the Sunshine Coast for Alex's older sister Kate's wedding.

We were all a bit nervous though as Kate is a huge horse lover and her dream was for her and her flower girl to be lead down the aisle on her horses. We were not sure how either of the horses would react to this situation as they have never done anything like this before.

Coming down the aisle

There were a few hairy scary moments as the flower girls horse (who was suppose to be in front of the bride) refused to go through the arch. He dug his little hooves in and wouldn't budge. Kate's Mum had to just go on ahead with Kate.

Kate having a laugh about it

They seemed to be doing well until they got closer to the crowd and he too started to panic, and to every ones horror started backing up into the other horse and almost stood on one of the bridesmaids who were concentrating on coaxing the other horse to follow. Kate tried to nudge the horse forward but he wouldn't go much further, so she had to get off there. She was quickly collected by her Dad to walk her the rest of the way.

Kate being collected by her Dad

Her nervous groom was waiting for her at the other end. Kate's new husband is Scottish so they all looked snazzy done up in their kilts on the day.

This is the groom just as he saw Kate for the first time

It was a beautiful ceremony. I didn't get many photos of it though as it was really overcast and my camera isn't the best in those conditions.

The happy couple getting photos with the horses after the ceremony

After the we did the family photos the bridal party took off to get more photos done. The rest of the guests where offered drinks a nibbles in the venues courtyard, where we all got to chat and catch up with everyone.

Alex's little brother Josh and his girlfriend Petro, Me and Alex having drinks



Linda Fleming said...

What a shame the horses didn't copperate more, but it appears the happy couple were able to carry on and have a wonderful wedding.

Michelle, you look so lovely in that photo!

MaryO said...

What a delightful day that must have been! The "hairy scary" moments will just add to the lovely memories. Thanks for sharing these photos, Michelle!

Jennifer Rose said...

i love men wearing kilts. shame they are pretty warm to wear or I'd have hubby wear one more lol

congrats to the couple!! her dress is gorgeous :)

Serena said...

WOW! Kate looks lovely in her dress. I'm so glad everything went okay despite the hairy scary moments with the horses. The bridal party look splendid!

OH, and Shell, you look beautiful in the photo! I like how you did your hair.

Mum xo

WingingIt said...

what an amazing day...what an amazing wedding...the horses...the beautiful dresses...and the kilts...loving it! thanks for sharing!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Hi Michelle I gave an award for you in my blog.

Campbell Jane said...

Wow What a lovely wedding! The horses, the dress, the setting. Little mishaps just add a little humor to the memories.
Happy Holidays
Campbell Jane

Sophia said...

OMG - what a fantastic and dream wedding! Wow!!!!! :) And YOU look beautiful. Happy Holidays!

BumbleVee said...

whoa! ... in any sense of the word.... horses at weddings absolutely have to be the kind that would't bolt if a bomb went off! It's a good thing all ended well...

my cousin arrived in a lovely carriage instead... she is a total horse nut.. First thing in the a.m. ..she braided all her colours in ribbons in her horses manes .. they were in attendance in her yard ... then she got herself ready .... then about two seconds after she said I do... she was back in her jeans.... petting the horses and telling them she was now Mrs. so-and-so.... and they had to mind her even more than they already did.... hahahh.....

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

What a lovely wedding! The bride looked lovely in her dress. You my dear looked beautiful and Alex very handsome.